Sustainable development charter


The Mas de la Fouque, located in the heart of Camargue’s regional park, ought to protect its environment through concrete actions of sustainable development. Since the hotel’s buyout back in December 2011, the hotel has undergone a series of construction works to that effect. Although it has not been eco-constructed, the new owners commit to minimize the carbon footprint of the establishment. By 2015, it will be fully equipped with state of the art equipment (solar panels, geothermal power). The hotel gives oneself the means to associate its clients, its partners and its commune in this qualitative and responsible approach. Each department of the hotel adheres to this approach by simple gestures developed hereunder.



The Mas de la Fouque helps with the reforestation of the region by participating financially in plantation actions that occur annually in November. The hotel sponsors as well each year about twenty pink flamingos born in Camargue and offers its clients to support in their turn “La Tour du Valat” association whose mission is to observe and protect this Camargue famous symbol. The Mas de la Fouque supports and encourages local and national associations in favour of the environment (SNPN: National Society of Nature Protection, Ligue de protection des oiseaux en Provence: Protection League of birds in Provence). The establishment has set up an observation point on its land so as to make its clientele aware of the beauty and the richness of Camargue’s territory.


We give greater place for products originally grown in Camargue in the mini bars, or we select local products. Our partner dry cleaner “Blanche Camargue” commits to use only products respectful of the environment and does not discharge any chemical product in the environment. The bedrooms are all equipped with energy-saving light bulbs and dimmers. We favour using mosquito nets instead of chemical products to protect oneself from mosquitoes. Environmentally-friendly mosquito repellent traps are set up in the exteriors and have proved their efficiency. Mixer taps are all equipped with a water-saving device. Our partner Drouault supplies us with: pillows, mattress toppers and down and feather duvets/comforters that are 100% made in France. These products have been given anti-acarid treatments with a Neem oil base that has been used for millenniums in the traditional Indian medicine. In case of feather-allergy, Drouault supplies us with ECO LABEL synthetic pillows, designed to guarantee an excellent carbon footprint. The synthetic fibre comes from recycled « PET plastic» (polyethylene terephthalate) and its production cycle is optimized to reduce 80% of the carbon footprint through the life cycle of the product.


The hotel only uses environmentally-friendly cleaning products with the European environmentally-friendly label. The Mas de la Fouque commits to set up 100% waste-sorting of recyclable trash (cardboard, wood, paper, oil, batteries). De-polluting plants will help to purify the ambient air. A rain water recuperator used for watering the plants and for the animals will allow to limit the consumption of drinking water. As part of the hotel renovations, local construction materials were used. As part of the repairing of the pool’s terrace, we have used our partner’s services, éLes Carriéres de Provence». For almost 40 years, the Société Méridionale d’Exploitation de Carrières de Pierres de Taille (SMECPT), today “Carrieres de Provence” (Provence Quarries), has produced Provence cut-stone projects, in France and throughout the world. For the Mas de la Fouque, the Company has supplied Estaillades stone, extracted from the Oppède site, located only 100km away from the hotel.


The Mas de la Fouque’s chef is a passionate, in love with wide-open spaces and nature. As much at ease in cooking as in pastry (his passion), Chef Frédérick Pelletier enjoys working with local products that are provided by the best suppliers with whom he networks close relationships. The 80% organic cooking that he offers at the Mas de la Fouque highlights all that this region has of noble… « I like to work with local Camargue products, Red rice, Black rice, wild crayfish, AOC (Protected Appellation of Origin) organic bull but also potatoes and carrots grown in the sand… ». « I surround myself with the best people, like Mr. Vergne, Master cheesemonger – Maturing expert from Nimes’ central food market, La maison Alazard et Roux that produce « free range » pork in the open air of the Ventoux region and lamb from « La Crau » plain, but also Magalie Saumade’s bull (cattle breeder). The “Maison Beuron” supplies me with all of the fish products (only wild fish from the Mediterranean Sea). Seasoning all with olive oil made from “picholines” olives from les Baux-de-Provence and a bit of pure sea salt from Aigues-Mortes salt farms, Welcome in Camargue… ». The restaurant also promotes the use of organic waste (peelings, food scraps…) through compost, in turn used as fertilizer in the hotel’s organic vegetable plot (under way). The hotel clients will have the opportunity to taste organic eggs from the hotel’s hens, and enjoy the honey from the Mas de la Fouque’s hive.


As part of the hotel’s redevelopment, the decorating elements that the new owners did not wish to keep have been sold through « garage sales » or given to local associations. The furniture has for the most part been found in South of France flea-markets between November 2011 and April 2012 (Montpellier, Béziers, Avignon). The paints used are environmentally-friendly. We strive to use Camargue’s natural resources such as reeds for the manufacturing of sun umbrellas. We therefore help to perpetuate the ancestral tradition of harvesting reed from Camargue. In the restaurant, furniture coming from an old factory has been recovered, vintage TOLIX chairs, trade furniture, workbenches… Les toiles de l‘une workshop located in Monteux in Provence, supplies us with household linen: napkins, bread baskets and table runners made from old linen. The decor is enhanced with vintage design objects like Harry Bertoia chairs, a Eero Saarinen marble table, but also furniture made from recovered materials such framing wood. Antiques found in the South of France complete the selection of decorative objects and furniture.


The Mas de la Fouque only uses 100% recycled paper in its entire communication media (restaurant menus, brochures, business cards, letterhead paper, etc…). The business cards, postcards, in-room documents, letterhead paper are also printed with vegetable inks. We limit our paper consumption by using online forms as well as IPAD presentations.


«Green» activities are offered to the hotel clients. Carriage rides, horse rides, visit of Aigues Mortes’ salt farms, rice paddies, visit of the ornithological park, mountain-biking, etc…